Logical Fallacies: The Genetic Fallacy

logical fallacyOne common challenge to the idea of Christianity in general is the idea that many people are only Christian because they were born in a predominantly Christian society. This argument takes many forms. One common claim is that if the same person (who claims to be Christian) were born in Iraq, they would be a Muslim.

Other times, the claim might be more along the lines of the idea that someone is a Christian because their parents raised them that way. In other cases, they may attribute someone's faith to a reaction of some tragedy or trauma in their life.

Does God Exist? The Thomistic Cosmological Argument

http://scienceblogs.com/startswithabang/files/2010/08/big-bang-thumb-500x302-50982.jpegI know that everyone is probably tired of hearing about cosmological arguments. You hear people discussing them by the water cooler at work and at neighborhood barbecues and such. Well, maybe not.

The basic construction of the Thomistic Cosmological Argument goes something like this:
  1. What we observe in this universe is contingent (i.e. dependent, or conditional)
  2. A sequence of causally related contingent things cannot be infinite
  3. The sequence of causally dependent contingent things must be finite
Conclusion: There must be a first cause in the sequence of contingent causes.

Is the Bible True?

http://www.mizzoucru.com/uploads/Bible_True_False_Pic.jpgOne question that comes up a lot has to do with the reliablity of the Bible as far as whether or not it is truly the inspired Word of God. This is a question about the "inerrancy" of scripture. Whenever hearing, or reading, discussions on this, there seem to be some critical distinctions missing among the conversations in order to better understand whichever view opposes your own.

As Greg Koukl often points out, whenever engaging in discussion with someone (especially with respect to topics that can become emotional) one must first ensure that you're speaking the same language. In other words, you have to make sure that you are both using certain words in the same way in order to both communicate as well as understand with clarity.

The Laws of Logic

This is obviously not a question, but I felt that it would be an important topic to cover as we continue to look at various questions about God, His people, His Word, His Son, etc. Particularly for when we start delving into some of the more philosophical questions that I have on my list.

The Laws of Logic are a set of axioms which we know to be true typically because if they were not, we would not have the ability to do or to know pretty much anything. If the Laws of Logic were not true, there could be no knowledge, no society, no safety, etc.