Do we need to earn salvation?

Ephesians & James

Rather than just answering that question up front, why don't we take a look at what the Bible says about this question. Depending on what theological background you come from, you may have a different answer. However, there seems to be only one answer that fits with biblical, orthodox Christianity.

Two main passages will be looked at to answer this question. One passage is used to favor the concept of what is called "works-based righteousness." The other is often used to refute the idea of works as it relates to salvation. In the end, what we get out of this is a couple of passages where one seems to indicate that works are required, another that seems to say they're not and the concept that people will claim that the Bible contradicts itself.

Is Theism More Dangerous Than Deism?

Before I get to answering that question, for the sake of those who may not be entirely familiar with certain terms, I suppose I should take a few moments to provide some clarity regarding some of the terms and concepts. The first of which is the ideas of "theism" against "deism."

Most people of various faiths would be considered "theists." That is, they believe in a personal God of some sort and this God is compatible with the Christian concept of the God. It is also compatible with the gods of many other faiths such as Islam, Mormonism, Judaism, etc. Theism encompasses not only a supernatural creator of the universe, but one who acts in the world and takes an interest in creation.

Does Apologetics Put Reason Above the Bible?, particularly those who would be considered "evidentialists," are often faced with a question from much of the Church. This question comes in various forms though the common thread among the questions is "Aren't you putting reason and evidence above God's Word?"

While it is certainly a fair question and probably comes from good intentions, I think it is usually asked due to a misunderstanding of the evidentialist position. That is, with respect to the "position" of evidence and reason, it is being assumed that the apologist is setting reason above God's word, claiming that they will use reason to determine if the Bible is true.

Can Christians use curse words?

This week, I thought that I would keep things a bit lighter. I'm pretty sure that using foul language is not a salvation issue, but I know that there has been conversation in the past about whether or not it is appropriate or acceptable to use profanity as a Christian.

One thing I should point out before we get too far is that I am not talking about taking the Lord's name in vain. I'm referring to the multitude of other cuss know the ones. They're the ones that George Carlin shared with us in his routine about the seven words you can't say on television.