Welcome to The God Question(s)!

The purpose of this site is to focus on Christian apologetics in order to answer questions about God. Whether or not He exists, what He is like, what the Bible says and whether or not it IS the Word of God and is reliable.

These are the types of questions I hope to answer here. If you prefer more general theological stuff, you can check out my other blog, Heart, Soul, Mind & Strength. While that site does have a good amount of apologetic material, this site will be focused exclusively on questions and answers.

I do not claim, however, to have all the answers. In fact, many of the answers that I will offer here will be answers, explanations and arguments that I have been persuaded are true but which I have learned from other apologists, theologians, philosophers, etc.

While I do have a resource page on my other site that lists many of the various sources of information I'll be offering here, I can say before any writing is done that the bulk of what I will share here probably came from one or more of the following people:

There are lots of others from whom I have gleaned useful and valuable information, but these are the ones that I have listened to more, read more and learned more from than probably anyone else in the world of apologetics.

I know, there are some who will ask how I could not include Norm Giesler or Frank Turek or Craig Hazen in the list. I mean, Giesler is almost synonymous with apologetics. Don't get me wrong. I've read and learned from them as well. I just have not read or listened to them as much as I have the five listed above.

My goal is to post at least once per week. Many of the posts were written long before they were posted because I am aware that my own time is severely limited and I do not want to run out of material to post. So I tend to write way ahead of time so that I will more likely have spans of time where I can write more prolifically to balance out the weeks and months that I may go without writing a single post.

All that being said, welcome to my new site. I do hope you enjoy and I hope that it can incite some good discussions. At the very least, I hope that I can put a stone in your shoe (to quote Koukl).

Thanks for coming!

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