Top Posts of 2013

Congratulations! You have made it to the end of 2013. I thought I would go ahead and share the top 5 posts (by number of hits) for the year. It was going to be the Top 10, but since this blog just started halfway through the year, that seemed a bit weird since I'd be listing almost half the posts from the site. So, we'll do the Top 5 this year and maybe next year we'll do a Top 10.

So, here they are in order of greatest to smallest number of hits:

  1. The Laws of Logic
  2. Is the Bible True?
  3. What is the Straw Man Fallacy?
  4. Is Christianity Exclusive?
  5. Should Christians be Anti-Intellectual?
I also would like to give "honorable mention" to What If the Bible Has Errors? as this post has been around for less than a month and yet has performed quite admirably.

Now, as we end 2013, I do hope that your year was blessed. If, however, it was filled with difficulty and trial, please do still look forward to the new year with hope and expectation. Moving into 2014, I do hope that this site will continue to bless you in some way.

If you have topics or questions that have not yet been addressed, please feel free to comment below and I can add new questions and respond to them as I am able. Also, if you would like to guest-post, I am open to doing that as well, though I've never done that before. It seems like a great way to better share information and ideas.

Until then, please have a blessed and prosperous 2014 (in one way or another).

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